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Conducting eBusiness

eBusiness Benefits

Reduced Cycle Time
Data can be sent and received 24 hours a day.  Electronic communications allows business to continue outside the normal business day. The turnaround time for a business document can be reduced from days to hours or even minutes.

Increased Efficiency
hg0088皇冠登录 More than 70% of data entry tasks originate from computer-generated documents.  When trading partners develop compatible electronic documents data no longer needs to be re-keyed or manually filed.  Electronic communication eliminates tedious work and reduces the risk of human error.

Optimized Inventory
Electronic communications can be integrated into a company’s business structure. Accurate information about inventory status can be provided in a shorter time. Replenishment can be driven by consumption. Changing needs can be quickly assessed and responded to without manual intervention or review.

Improved Business Relationships
Setting up electronic communications requires both trading partners to gain an in-depth understanding of each other’s business processes. Implementation involves the entire organization and expands the channels of communication.

Conducting eBusiness

the j.r. cesframe.company supports electronic data interchange (edi) and extensible markup language (xml). we are able to communicate via a value-added network (van), applicability statement 2 (as2) or file transfer protocol (ftp).


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If you would like to communicate with Simplot through one of the capabilities mentioned, or in another eBusiness capability not listed, contact us for details.

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