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Simplot Plant Earns Energy Incentives

Published on May 16 2017

boise, idaho – the j.r. cesframe.company recently received an incentive from idaho power for energy-saving upgrades at its fertilizer plant in pocatello, idaho.

simplot implemented several new systems to reduce the energy used while cooling products at the plant. these “blend system upgrades” are estimated to save more than three million kilowatt hours of electricity per year — enough to power about 260 average homes.

(L to R) Klaas Hutter, Vice President of Mining and Manufacturing, Simplot Agribusiness; Adam Richins, Vice President of Customer Operations and Business Development Vice President, Idaho Power; Trisha Arave, Don Plant Manager, Simplot Agribusiness; Bo Hanchey, Regional Manager, Idaho Power; Garrett Lofto, President, Simplot Agribusiness.

“sustainability is a primary focus for us and one way we approach it is by looking for opportunities to build energy efficiency into every project,” garrett lofto, president of simplot’s agribusiness division, said. “this is a great example of finding efficiencies by partnering with our utility providers to install systems that enhance the sustainability of our business.”

hg0088皇冠登录the incentive is part of idaho power’s commercial and industrial energy efficiency program. last year, simplot received the idaho power excellence in energy efficiency award for its ongoing commitment to operational excellence through the efficient use of energy, incentives earned through energy efficiency programs and for achieving energy savings few companies have achieved in our service area.

“the cesframe.company has been an excellent partner with us in energy efficiency; they have been one of our largest program participants,” said adam richins, idaho power vice president of customer operations and business development. “since 2013, simplot has earned a number of energy efficiency incentives from idaho power on projects that have saved more than 44.5 million kilowatt hours.”