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2014 Sustainability Summary

Sustainability Summary

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SmartWater™ technology uses sophisticated sensors and monitoring equipment that gives growers the insights to precisely deliver water. View video 

CARE: A Safety and Security Framework That’s Prepared to Meet Today’s Challenges

A good safety policy can never be taken for granted; it must be continually reinvigorated with fresh ideas, and revised to meet new challenges. Read more 

Our Sustainability Journey

in 1929, young j.r. simplot began a long career that focused on creating innovative market research niches and improving existing ways of doing business. he adapted emerging technology to improve products, made processes more efficient, and devised uses for material that others considered to be waste.

hg0088皇冠登录 today, our foundation for doing business sustainably is supported by the same three core values that underpin everything the company does:

  • Respect for resources – We are committed to using the best science in natural resource management, reclamation practices, waste reduction and compliance with environmental laws and regulations. 
  • Spirit of innovation - We place a priority on creating and embracing new ideas and technologies that help us work smarter in all levels of operations to improve customer value, efficiency, lower costs and reduce operational impact.
  • Passion for people – We take care of the safety of our employees and our communities. We are highly dedicated to our customers, partnerships, philanthropy and volunteerism.